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We’ve joined forces with like minded schools and institutions that enable us to provide our students with the highest quality online curriculum and learning experience.



Secondary school education (7th-12th) located in the Ensanche Evaristo of Morales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. Educational approach based on three key factors for effective Connective Education: Combing knowledge, technology and emotional understanding that is based on several core human values.


At Edmentum, our goal is to make personalized learning an achievable reality in every classroom. For every smile, frustration, high five, long night, and ‘ah-ha!’ moment, we are here to help you move the needle a little farther every day – ultimately, helping you individualize learning for every student that walks through your door.

Lux Mundi

Our school, located in the Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo, is committed to the academic, personal and professional growth of each student: a comprehensive and continuous growth, serious and enthusiastic, committed and determined, of a community that works in all dimensions of the human being.